Combining research methods (ethnography, qualitative and quantitative research, and interviews) with illustration and animation can create powerful narratives that amplify marginalised voices. I have created three documentary animations – two as personal projects and one in partnership with the University of Liverpool.

Flying While Fat
This animation incorporates the voices of research participants explaining their experiences of air travel as plus-sized passengers. The animation exhibited at the Tate Gallery and Bluecoat Centre in Liverpool and premiered at Liverpool’s Deaf and Disability Arts Festival. It was received positively by the press and had a combined viewership of 850,000+.

Yoga for Larger Bodies
This documentary animation explores the origins of London’s only Plus-Sized Yoga class and was created as part of my Visual Anthropology course at Goldsmiths, University of London.

VJ’s Fat Experience
This animation is taken from a live interview recording. VJ tells the story of being taken away from her mother as a child and insitutionalised because the welfare system thought she was too big.