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This project took place at Goldsmiths, University of London. The task was to create a vector portrait of a female inventor. I was fascinated by two specific elements of Ada Lovelace’s life. First, her nickname, the “Enchantress of Numbers”, and secondly, the way in which her mother’s complicated relationship with her poet father, Lord Byron, discouraged Ada from exploring her creativity through language arts. I felt that the best way to join these two ideas together would be through a typographic portrait, using numerals rather than text.

I chose one short phrase of binary code (01101) and, using a pre-existing portrait as a reference, I began the unexpectedly tedious process of recreating Ada in numbers. I used the Envelope Distort and Mesh tools in Illustrator to reshape the text to form lines and fills. I chose the colors green and black as these are traditionally associated with early monochromatic computer monitors.